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Ramsey Welcomes Solar Thermal Plant for Port Augusta

Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey said today he welcomes the announcement by the South Australian Government of an electricity purchase deal which will lead to the construction of a 150 megawatt solar thermal plant at Port Augusta.


“Over the past couple of years I have worked closely with several proponents looking to construct a solar thermal plant in Port Augusta, however for almost twelve months the hold-up has been the SA Government offer seeking a renewable supplier for the State Government electricity needs”, Mr Ramsey said. “It is very pleasing that at last we have that commitment.”


“It is my understanding Solar Reserve has not yet done a deal with ARENA to access the $110 million offered by the Federal Government for a debt and equity loan. I assume they will now open serious negotiations.”


“The $78 per megawatt hour the Premier quotes as South Australia’s purchase price is undoubtedly a very good price figure, but it is fundamental to our understanding of the deal to know whether the Federal Government’s $110m is assumed to be part of that deal and whether or not the State Government has offered any other side deals.”


“Certainly the contract to supply SA will enhance Solar Reserve’s prospects of attracting ARENA support, if indeed they need it at all, but I also understand there has been considerable interest from other parties.”


“It is very early days yet and I hope the Premier will offer a lot more detail over the next week or two. For other potential investors and for the sake of South Australian taxpayers it is imperative he provide the detail so we can properly anaylis the deal”, Mr Ramsey said.


“For the people of Port Augusta it is a very exciting day and I and the Federal Government will continue do what we can to make sure the establishment of a solar thermal consentrator generator with storage becomes a reality in Port Augusta.


Media contact: Leonie Lloyd-Smith 08 8633 1744

August 14 2017

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